Luxury Furniture Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why.

Poltrona Frau Group ME brings Italian art-de-vivre and artsy, comfortable, high-end furniture to Dubai with Poltrona Frau, Cassina and Cappellini. Molon represents the standard of classic Italian luxury furniture plus the items are therefore exceptionally accurate, precious heirlooms. The classic Italian furnishings sold at Naurelle are truly a wonder to behold for any lover of luxury Italian furniture. Positively encouraged by ‘salle de bain’ in Art Dèco style, Lutetia features luxury vanity devices lacquered in many various colors: red for dramatic interiors, millennial pink for advanced ladies, black for the many demanding interior design.

Add a coffee and end dining table for comfort and design, and choose a seat with ottoman to extend sitting opportunities and add convenience and heat to your room. From stylish and modern to classic and old-fashioned lx, all of our furniture is lovely to consider and perfectly practical. From classic Italian furniture to contemporary Italian furniture, we have an ideal solution to improve the beauty of your house.

The Deco Collection could be the true reflection of just one of the most elegant and modernist eras ever, with every furniture piece turning into a masterpiece of design. We can provide both high luxury furniture sales guidance plus the latest in home design guidance. ProjectPlan provides you with centralized access to most of the items and assets you need for the interior decorating tasks.

We have been champions of England’s artisan furniture-making heritage for 80 years and will continue steadily to create finely crafted, subtly elegant pieces that’ll become future family members heirlooms. Deluxe Bathroom Furniture Collection by Oasis includes four lines of bathroom furniture, all conveying a hint of this Art Dèco style, from the Twenties additionally the Thirties associated with ‘900s.

Showcased within our Furniture Masterpiece Collection, you’ll find a discriminating number of a number of the world’s finest luxury household furniture , by artisans generations deep within their craft. With numerous elevation views to enchance presentasion experience; build walls, floors, windows and doors, all whilst installing the space with services and products form the CG life style collection.

Since 1959 IPE srl was manufacturing armchairs, sofas, beds, sofa-beds and complements of high-design” so that you can constantly satisfy an even more and more higher level and demanding public who’s attempting to express, through these products, the pleasure of residing its house not even close to the proposal of an overstocked and flatten market.

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